Luxafor On Air

Windows 10/11 app to set Luxafor RGB lights according to whether your microphone is in use by other applications. Allows you to use your Luxafor lights as an 'on air' indicator to show when you are taking part in a web meeting and should not be disturbed, regardless of the meeting software you are using.

Luxafor lights can be used in a variety of ways to show your status to others at your work or home office without being interrupted, such as changing color according to your free/busy status in Microsoft Teams. But what about those times you get pulled into a customer meeting on Zoom at the last minute without time being reserved on your calendar?

In these cases, one of the most reliable indicators of whether you are free or not is whether your computer microphone is currently in use, which Windows 10 and 11 keeps track of and displays to the user by adding a small microphone icon in the taskbar notification area near the clock.

Luxafor On Air simply watches for this indicator and sets your connected Luxafor light accordingly.

Example of Windows notification when microphone is in use

Free download from GitHub

Luxafor On Air is an open-source project hosted on GitHub.

You can see full details and download the software at

Key features

  • Displays customizable colors to indicate whether your mic is in use (defaults to Red), not in use (defaults to Green).

  • Optionally displays a customizable color when you are away from your computer and the console is locked (defaults to Yellow).

  • Can be set to run automatically at startup.

  • Supports hot plug and unplug of multiple Luxafor devices.

Where to get a Luxafor light

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