Body Image & The Effect of Pornography: ATL Conference, March 2013

On 26th March 2013, I spoke in support of two motions at the ATL Conference in Liverpool, England, on “Body image education” and “The effect of pornography on pupils”. These motions were proposed by Helen Porter, Executive Member for Berkshire for ATL, and Teacher at St. Gabriel’s in Newbury.

For full details of the motions, please see the ATL website. Both motions were carried unanimously by Conference.

Requests for comment from the press should be made in the first instance to the ATL Media Office.
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“Why schools really do need ICT”, ATL Report, December 2010

The following article was published in the December 2010 issue of ATL Report magazine, as a response to an earlier article by Ian Yorston, Head of Digital Strategy at Radley College.

In the October issue of Report, we were invited to ‘join the debate’ on information and communication technology (ICT) in schools and were presented with the first side of the argument: ‘Why schools don’t need ICT’. Ian Yorston’s article generated a lot of debate online, as well as in staffrooms across the country, much of it in enthusiastic agreement. The article rang true for many teachers who feel that their schools are neglected when it comes to provision of equipment. That was only one side of the story, however. In this article, I’ll explain why schools really do need ICT just as much as ever.

Full article online: Why schools really do need ICT – ATL Report

“Smart board is cutting edge”, Reading Post, 1 December 2010

An article on Crosfields School’s adoption of a SMARTBoard touchscreen in the Nursery was covered in the Reading Post on 1st December 2010, under the headline “Smart board is cutting edge“. The article is unfortunately not available online, but the press release by the school is available here:

State of the art technology at their finger tips – Crosfields School

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